Senate Bill to Speed Up Ungergrounding of PG&E Lines Moves to the Assembly


A senate bill that aims to speed up the undergrounding efforts of PG&E lines will be moving on to the assembly. Senate majority leader Mike Mcguire created bill 884 intended to safeguard communities and save lives. McGuire says PG&E for years has underfunded modernization and wildfire safety efforts that have led to devastating impacts. The bill not only expedites the undergrounding of 10,000 miles of utility lines but is also expected to save you money by using federal infrastructure funds. PG&E just last year committed to the billion-dollar effort to underground its lines in high fire-threat areas with an initial goal of undergrounding only 3600 miles in the next 4 years. This bill pushes for the company to do more. The bill heads to the assembly before heading to the Governor’s desk. You can view PG&e’s current wildfire mitigation plan for this year by visiting