New Assembly Bill Aims to Break Barriers for Landowners in Wildfire Mitigation


A New Assembly Bill passes through the National Resources Committee to help landowners clear their properties. It will remove barriers for landowners who are clearing their properties to reduce wildfire risk. AB 522 was created by Assemblyman Vince Fong, a republican in Kern county. The bill promotes forest management and builds wildfire resilience by allowing land owners to remove dead and dying trees. The bill also removes  barriers that will help those landowners use the state’s Forest Fire Prevention Pilot Project Exemption. It will also extend that program through 2026. This measure, if passed and signed into law, will help the state achieve its goal to treat 500,000 acres per year by 2025. The bill has been supported by the California Forestry Association, Association of California Water Agencies, California Association of Realtors, Forest Landowners of California and the Personal Insurance Federation of California. It will now move to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for its consideration.