Invasive Spotted Lanternfly Reaches CA Border-Stopped at Ag Checkpoint


A heavy infestation of the invasive spotted lantern fly was spotted for the first time at the Truckee CDFA Border Station. You’ve passed through the checkpoint dozens of times often waved through, and what seems to be more of a nuisance and delay in your travel plans, this Sunday patrol agents were able to keep these invasive species at bay. A vehicle carrying campfire wood from New Jersey was inspected, this is a state already infected with the species that originates from China, and a large egg mass was located. The Spotted Lanternfly threatens a number of trees–including almond, apple, cherry, walnut, and pine–as well as grapevines. Some of the largest agriculture groves are found throughout the state. Agents are aggressive in stopping the aggressive spread of the species that are already found in 11 states across the country.