Inflation and Avian Flu Raise Costs of this Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s a little less gratefulness around the thanksgiving table this year with inflation above the 7% mark pushing the cost of the prized turkey for dinner over a dollar a pound more.  USDA data shows the cost of a turkey has increased by 6 and a half percent compared to last year. Higher costs not only contributed to the increase in inflation but avian flu has also contributed. The avian flu has affected over 50 million birds this year across 46 states, based on the latest USDA data. When an infected bird is discovered, farmers must eradicate the entire flock. This is leading to a shortage of available birds, which is driving up prices.

But what is also hurting your pocketbook more this thanksgiving is grocery costs overall have increased by nearly 13%, well over the inflation rate. 

This year thanksgiving shoppers say they have been shopping earlier to look for deals. With the holiday fast approaching many homes are opting to cut costs by reducing the number of sides that will be placed beside the turkey.


Photo: Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash