Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Gather


Since beginning on Sept. 16, contractors and forest personnel have gathered 173 wild horses from the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory. This includes 11 on Sept. 24, one Sept. 25, seven Sept. 26 and zero yesterday due to high winds.
The trap site will be moved to the Goose Lake Causeway today. Traffic may be impacted on the causeway for short periods while the trap remains on its west end.
Corral staff will allow themselves and the horses more time this year before they begin placement activities. Virtual and in-person placement events are planned to begin in January 2022. Pictures and videos will be shared as soon as possible; please be patient.
Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse information, gather updates and applications to make these unique horses part of your family are available at
Forest personnel are proud to care for these wild horses, and also have to consider the health of the wildlife and communities dependent on the same land. The longer it takes to achieve appropriate management level the more it will cost, both in terms of having to gather and care for more horses and in addressing ecologic and economic damage.