Dahle Asks For Signatures to Get Newsom Debate on Live TV

Republican candidate for the Governor’s office, Brian Dahle, current District 1 state senator, and former Lassen County Supervisor has long been vying to face off against Governor Gavin Newsom in a publicized debate. Now he is asking you to help make that happen on Live TV.

Dahle confirms Newsom has finally agreed to debate, but under some criteria. Dahle said Newsom only wants to debate on radio, waiting two weeks after ballots have dropped, and only on a Sunday during prime time for NFL and MLB playoffs. Dahle asks…does that sound like a good plan to present our differences to Californians? Though he offers he will take any opportunity to a live debate with the Governor, he is questioning Newsom’s fears of hosting such a face-off and is calling him to a debate before ballots drop, which happens next week, and not during primetime sports.

Dahle asks If you agree and would like to see the debate on live TV to sign your name on a petition that you can find at go.BrianDahle.com to get Newsom to agree.