CHP Carseat Campaign Focuses on Reducing Child Injury and Death


The California Highway Patrol (CHP) continues its car seat campaign to protect infants and children while traveling. The campaign, funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety, will run through September 20th of next year and will focus on reducing the number of injuries and deaths resulting from unrestrained and improperly restrained infants and children.

As part of the campaign, the CHP will host certification training for first responders to educate the public during child passenger safety seat inspections and community events. These efforts will highlight the importance of properly using seat belts and child passenger restraints and provide education on properly installing child passenger safety seats.

For further information about safety guidelines, you can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Web site and contact your local CHP office for more details about seat belts, seat belt regulations, and child passenger safety or make an appointment for a free car seat installation.