California’s Eye on the Governor’s Race

Californians are watching the Governor’s race closely, says a recent poll of voters.

If the election were to be held today likely voters show, 58 percent would vote for Gavin Newsom and 31 percent would vote for Brian Dahle, Lassen county farmer, and former County Supervisor. With the top issues for the state being named as jobs, economy, and inflation, half of the low incomes Californians say they are experiencing serious hardships due to rising costs. Dahle in a cal matters interview said one way to combat the cost of living for Californians is to lower the price of electricity, as studies show on average costs are 60% higher throughout the state as compared to the nation.

Dahle continues to push for a debate with the Governor to which there has been no reply from the governor’s office despite Dahle gathering a coalition of media outlets to host the debate. A wise move for both candidates as nearly half of voters say that voting this year is more important than in past midterm elections, the majority of which are republicans holding this view.

October 24th is the last day to register to vote for the November elections, and voters will begin to see ballots in their mailboxes after October 10th.