CalFIRE Surpasses Goal of Treating 100,000 Ahead of Schedule


CalFIRE surpasses a goal to treat 100,000 acres of land years ahead of schedule. The goal was to accelerate forest health and fire prevention through projects like creating fuel breaks, conducting prescribed burns, and reducing fuels. Crews have in total treated a near 111,000 acres for this wildfire season. Last year’s budget of CA’s 1.5 billion wildfire resilience program enabled crews to conduct over 600 projects across the state. In addition to the monumental goal achievement, CalFire has also reached peak staffing across the state, where all CalFIRE stations are open and staffed 24 hours a day with aircraft ready to go. 64 new engines in the northern region and 16 in the southern region have joined CalFIRE this year, as well as 12 aircraft with more on the way, and 16 additional hand crews.