CALFIRE Expands Demonstration Forests


CALFIRE expands its demonstration forests in Placer and San Bernadino counties to continue the efforts of forest restoration and research.

PG&E, through its Land Conservation Commitment with the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council, PG&E transferred over 1100 acres to CALFIRE in Placer and Nevada County in the American River headwaters. The acquisition is the second in a three-part project to permanently protect 2600 acres as a demonstration state forest over the Upper American and Bear Rivers.

In San Bernadino county, an additional 120 acres were transferred from the CDFW, maintaining the County Wildlife corridor.

These forests permanently protect, provide research opportunities, allow recreation and watershed protection, and support timber production across the state. CALFIRE currently operates 12 Demonstration State Forests totaling over 73,500 acres.