Bats in California


Did you know that there are 25 bat species that live in California? Every night bats fly through our fields, neighborhoods and cities, eating massive numbers of insect pests. They are vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and benefit our crops by reducing the amount of pesticides agriculturalists need to apply. Unfortunately, bats face many threats, including White-nose Syndrome, a devastating fungal disease that has been spreading across North America. In coordination with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, CDFW is closely monitoring bat populations to respond to this threat.
You can help CDFW help bats! Our Bats and White-nose Syndrome team is looking for new roosts where we can do surveillance, and we need your help. Knowing where bats roost allows us to prioritize surveillance efforts, monitor population trends and protect California’s bats.
You can tell us about any roosts you have found via this link:…/Mammals/Bats/Report-Colony
Or contact Dr. Scott Osborn directly at [email protected] or (707) 499-0566.
If you see a bat exhibiting unusual behavior, such as trouble flying, flying during the daytime or during cold winter weather, dying or sick bats (on the ground, unable to fly), or bats that have a white fungus on their face or wings, you can use the link to report your findings to CDFW scientists here:…/Wildlif…/Monitoring/WNS/Report
Please remember: Never handle a live or dead bat with your bare hands. If a person or domestic animal has been exposed to a bite, scratch or saliva from a dead or live bat, call your local public health department.