CHP Recognizes Drowsy Driver Week

Shorter days make for drowsy Drivers, and the California Highway Patrol is partnering with Caltrans and The Office of Traffic Safety to remind you to get plenty of sleep this fall.

The change in time can impact your driving as your sleep habits change, preventing you from getting adequate sleep which may impair your ability to drive safely. When clocks go back in the fall, it means an extra hour of sleep, but the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that doesn’t always equal added rest. People usually wake up earlier in the fall, meaning less sleep throughout the week. This disruption in your sleep pattern can increase your risk of collisions on the road.

In 2019-2020 drowsy drivers caused 11,000 crashes, resulting in 6400 injuries and over 70 deaths, with younger drivers, between 16 to 25, being more at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

CHP reminds you to plan and ensure you have plenty of rest, but if you begin to feel tired while driving, find a safe place to pull off and rest.