Lassen Cougar Men’s Basketball

Please consider supporting Lassen Cougar Men’s Basketball. Every dollar donated to the program goes back to the student-athletes. Many of our players come from out of the area and aren’t equipped with proper winter clothing. Fundraising money always goes to gear that will make our student-athletes proud but also warm in the snow.
Money will also go to equipment. Just recently, the CCCAA decided to change the basketball we use. This change was very costly for us as buying enough new balls took up our entire equipment budget for the 2022-23 year. Donations will go to upgrading practice gear, buying new training equipment, pads, new game uniforms, travel gear, etc.
​Donations will also be used to help fund travel for non-traditional games. These game are like scrimmages, but we are not allowed to use any district funds to pay for travel or overnight stays – this money must come from fundraising. Also something our gym needs is an upgrade on our side baskets. As of now our side baskets have wooden backboards. Not only is the not beneficial for practice (our main hoops have glass backboards) but if one of our main baskets break, we would not be able to replace it quickly.
Any amount donation goes toward helping these student-athletes accomplish their goals of achieving greatness.