Eagle Lake Fishing Report


August 4

Clarity it’s improving for now. Tui chub are starting to “wall up” in their typical “hatch” mode. To be perfectly honest here, here’s a huge difference in tui chub behavior as their eggs begin to hatch. Why?? Cuz dem trout love young, dumb & tender morsels & they will only wait so long before they breach the walls (yes plural). With over 60 years fishing this lake, the more you know about Eagle Lake tui chub, the more trout you will catch. They scope differently, they behave differently (seasonally), they have no teeth and they are plankton eaters. Carp family. They strike anything (trout are particular) when in protection walling mode after the spawn & during the hatch. You can smell them when they amass in large numbers (minnows literally stink lol) as they transpire, they release a gas & they are hyper sensitive to sound. They are tail thrusters vs trout head shakers. Hit, hold stay deep, come in straight with the line, trout hit hard, flat rod, run, high line, often think they can fly…no doubt about it. Some days ya just have to wait out the trout…but always keep the lures in the water that you’ve been catching the trout on, at the same depth you’ve been catching (it’s about oxygen & food vs water temp for the trout) …. always pays off in the end! It did today. 24-39 ft of water, 18ft deep, 75F surface temp, noon and the trout bite was furious. But that was after a double digit monster chub morning!! 😂😂😂