Almanor Fishing Report 5/14/2023

Spring has returned to Plumas County; we will see daytime highs in the high seventies-low eighties and overnight lows in the mid-forties for at least the next ten days. With the rising temperatures we are seeing a steady increase in lake level rising a foot since last week currently sitting at 4488.66. Water clarity varies throughout the lake and temperatures are quickly approaching the sixty-degree mark.
The super ditch, Hamilton Branch, Bailey Creek, and the Feather continue to deposit large volumes of water into Almanor. Shore anglers are picking up fish where the super ditch enters Almanor, off the causeway and at Ham Branch. As Ham Branch continues to clear we are seeing more angling pressure with better results. Fish remain scattered and trollers are picking up fish along the East Shore, from Rec #1 to the tip of the Peninsula, off Prattville and from Rec #2 to Bailey Creek. The standard presentations are producing fish, speedy shiners, Arctic Fox trolling flies and bait will all work. Bass anglers are catching quality smallies as bass are bedding up in the shallows.
We are seeing lots of debris on the water and some larger logs and stumps, Dakasu Island is under water and Flag Island will be completely under water soon. The Canyon Dam ramp remains the only usable public ramp on Almanor, and all campgrounds remain closed. There are a couple of short delays on highway 32, 36 is clear and 70 is open a couple of times each day to through traffic. Winds could hamper fishing this week, especially in the afternoon.