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Sterling on Sunday

Sterling on Sunday

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Walter Sterling has compelled positive change in radio’s C Suite and on the air for decades. He was a creator of Adult Contemporary Radio while Executive Vice President in charge of the NBC FM-owned Stations. Sterling was appointed to that position at 26 years of age and remains the youngest EVP in NBC history. Next, recruited by ABC Radio Network President Edward McLaughlin to VP/GM, Sterling grew the ABC Radio networks in revenue and audience through innovations such as signing Ringo Starr to Host a 24-hour BEATLES special. In the eighties, he started his New York City-based consulting business by engaging all of the RKO Radio stations in all Formats for eight years leading most of them to their highest share in history. The RKO stations included such diverse properties as WOR and WKYS, New York, and KRTH Los Angeles.

Sterling consistently deploys successful strategies for Talk Radio. He created the world’s most listened-to an FM Talk station, WKXW, NEW JERSEY 101.5.—an industry leader for 27 years. His formats have allowed talk station owners to attract very young demographics with high comes and robust profits.

Hired by the Board of Directors of Sirius Satellite radio, Sterling worked from pre-launch to profitability to build out all Sirius’ formats, music, and talk. He started the industry-changing negotiations to bring Howard Stern to Sirius. Made partnerships for Sirius with Graceland, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, BBC Radio 1, and many more.

In November 2014, At the request of CBS EVP of Programming, Chris Oliviero, Sterling started hosting a weekly show on CBS’ 50,000 watts WPHT, Philadelphia. The show has a strong following of highly engaged listeners. The audience is intrigued by Sterlings’ stories of bad in-laws, trouble with neighbors, Sterling’s demands for air conditioning, and his hatred of cell phone companies and commercial banks. This unique approach to topics attracted the attention of SoundMind CEO Kraig Kitchin who is now Sterling’s manager.

Sterling is a go-to guest star for stations across the country including WABC New York, WYAY Atlanta, and the Jim Bohannon show on Westwood One. He has three very young daughters who will want to go to college and weddings paid for, therefore Sterling is highly motivated to make his new Westwood One show a hit.

“What two best friends talk about is not trivial, it’s a very big deal. That’s why Sterling on Sundays transitions the listener into the week with conversation about troubles at work, celebrity gossip and why the engine light never goes it. The audience is highly engaged. We attract young parents who only have alone time later in the day, professionals such as doctors and nurses going to work at the hospital and prisoners–lots of prisoners.”