Unofficial Midterm Election Results

Thousands of ballots were returned in the final hours of the midterm election sin Lassen county. Julie Bustamonte, Lassen County Clerk-Recorder, says over 5000 ballots still needed to be counted and signatures verified once polls closed Tuesday evening. So far the county is reporting 30% counted.

From Election Day ballots postmarked Tuesday will have until the 15th to arrive, with corrected signatures having 10 days to return for counting. Meaning results will be slow in coming, and for the tight District 5 Supervisors race, either candidate could take the final seat as Supervisor. As it stands Tom Traphagen holds on to a sliver of a majority with 51% of the vote, though with last evening’s updated count, Jason Ingram gained a few more votes pushing him closer to 49%. With thousands of ballots waiting to be counted the win could tip either way.

Julie said updates to the results will likely go out at the end of each day until all have been counted. 

Plumas County unofficial results posted at the close of the polls will remain the only count until all all of the ballots have been received, signature checked and verified. 

The Portola city council race remains close though Turner looks ro be pushing out incumbent Phil Oels. Seneca Measure B again shows strong support, and Edlund holds a strong win for Plumas trustee area 5.

Updated election results will be shared as they become available.