Top Halloween Candy Narrowly Escapes “Ban” as CA Food Safety Act is Signed by Governor


One of Halloween’s all-time favorite candies narrowly avoids a “ban” as Governor Gavin Newsom signs the CA Food Safety Act into law. This new legislation, set to take effect in 2027, prohibits the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of four food additives that have been linked to potential health issues, Commonly found in the top favorite holiday candies.

These additives include Brominated vegetable oil, which serves as an emulsifier in citrus drinks and has been associated with behavioral and reproductive issues in lab animals. Additionally, there’s propylparaben, a preservative used in cosmetics and food, believed to mimic estrogen and potentially act as an endocrine disruptor. Another substance on the list is red Dye #3, a derivative of petroleum that the FDA banned for use in cosmetics due to its connection to causing cancer in lab animals.

The new law will not outright ban food products containing these additives. Instead, it mandates that food companies modify their recipes to incorporate safer ingredients, mirroring a food industry model more aligned with European standards.

Governor Newsom, in a letter to the State Assembly, stated, “Signing this into law is a positive step forward regarding these four food additives until the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews and establishes updated national safety levels for these additives.”

This groundbreaking bill, the first of its kind, was introduced in February by Democratic Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel.


Photo by Amit Lahav on Unsplash