Temporarily Closed to Fuelwood Cutting


Forest Service News Release

Eagle Lake Ranger District
SUSANVILLE, Calif., December 16, 2021 – Wet weather and deep snow prompted Lassen National
Forest officials to suspend fuelwood cutting on the Eagle Lake Ranger District on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021. This
area is expected to re-open in late May or early June with the arrival of warmer, drier weather.
The provision for this measure is contained in Section D.1 of the Fuelwood Cutting Requirements. The closed
area corresponds to Zone V on the Fuelwood Cutting Map that accompanies the fuelwood permit. During the
temporary closure period, these permits will not be valid in Zone V.
“This policy helps prevent ruts in the roads and meadows where woodcutters drive to get firewood,” said Eagle
Lake District Ranger Carol Thornton. “It helps protect not only National Forest roads and lands but also the
property of adjacent landowners.”
Although the Eagle Lake Ranger District is closed to firewood cutting until late spring, both the Almanor and
Hat Creek Districts of Lassen National Forest will remain open to woodcutting through the winter.
Lassen National Forest lies at the crossroads of California, where the granite of the Sierra Nevada, the lava of
the Cascades and the Modoc Plateau, and the sagebrush of the Great Basin meet. The Forest is managed for
recreational access as well as timber and firewood, forage for livestock, water, minerals, and other natural
For more information, contact the Eagle Lake Ranger District at (530) 257-4188.