Supervisors Appoint New Sheriff to Lassen County


Lassen County Welcomes a new Sheriff-Coroner, John Mc Garva, former Jail Commander for the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office.

The announcement to include Supervisor Gallagher in the discussions took a week to be made after the closed-session interviews.

The hallways of the Board chambers were filled with waiting sheriff deputies, county staff, and family members in anticipation.

All the supervisors agreed, noting the difficulty in making the appointment given the quality of applicants.

McGarva will serve the remaining five years of Former Sheriff Dean Growdon’s term, which ended with his retirement in December. His term will end in 2028 with the next presidential election. Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) authored the assembly bill in 2022 that extended the terms to move sheriffs and DA races from midterm election years, when voter turnout is lower, to the higher turnout years when United States presidential candidates also share the ballot.

Congratulations to the new Sheriff.