Storm Door is Open – Prepare for More Snow

Another strong winter storm is expected to bring up to a foot of snow. The afternoon will be your best window to prepare or travel from now through Sunday. The California Highway Patrol says traveling with an emergency kit, blankets, and shovel in your vehicle when harsh weather is forecasted can help prevent extreme emergencies if you become stuck. Travel is expected to be very difficult, and you should expect periods of whiteout conditions over the passes.

Also, prepare by ensuring all your home heating sources are working properly to stay warm. Temperatures are expected to reach subfreezing levels overnight. Clearing your home’s roof of debris and protecting water lines can also prevent damage when the storm arrives.

High winds are forecasted as well, gusting up to 45 miles per hour and up to 80 along the ridge, causing the potential to damage trees and power lines.

The Winter storm watch begins Sunday evening and continues until Tuesday evening.