Sierra County is Asking for Help on a Missing Woman



The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help in locating a missing at-risk woman. Helen Elaine Freesh is cognitively impaired and went missing from her campsite in the Gold Lakes area off Lake Highway near Goose Lake on Saturday.

She is 69 years old, 5 feet 7 in at 130 lbs, light complexion, greying blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a grey t-shirt, or a red and white baseball shirt. Those with her say they saw her go to bed in the campsite that evening, but by morning, she was missing though her shoes and jacket were left behind. 


The Sheriff’s Office has requested mutual aid from several surrounding counties and bay area counties’ search and rescue teams. You are asked if you were in the Gold Lake area Saturday morning to review her picture and contact the sheriff’s office if you believe you saw Helen.

Additionally, the sheriff’s office asks If you are planning on being in western Sierra County in the near future, to be on the lookout and again notify the sheriff’s office if you see her.

The Sierra County Sheriff’s Dispatch can be reached at (530) 289-3700.