Short on Staffing- Lassen’s DA Says Victim Services Experiences Delays


From the Office of the Lassen County District Attorney-

Due to staffing and uncertainty with regard to federal VOCA funding, we are currently experiencing temporary limitations and delays in the types of services being offered to crime victims. We apologize for the delays caused by these issues at this time and appreciate your patience while we await further information regarding funding.
Marsy’s Rights apply to those who have “suffered direct or threatened physical, psychological, or financial harm” as a result of an attempted or completed crime. There are 17 enumerated rights that apply to crime victims; some automatically and others must be proactively invoked.
If you are the victim (or the spouse/parent/guardian) of, or in some instances a witness thereto, an act of domestic violence, child abuse, a “serious” or “violent” felony (as defined by statute), or of a crime where you incurred physical harm or documented financial damage, there are services and rights to which you may be entitled. Our staff will attempt to reach you at the number(s) listed in the crime reports or send you a letter at the address listed in the crime report to advise you of your rights and inquire if you would like services.
If you have not received a letter or a phone call regarding services, or if you are uncertain if you are entitled to services, please call our office. If you are currently receiving services and your case is going through court, please call and ask to speak to the attorney handling the case if you have any questions or concerns about the process or posture of the case.
Please be advised that while our attorneys can discuss court process and case posture, they cannot take evidence from nor can they discuss the facts of the case directly with a crime victim.
You can also receive information and updates about the case via email by sending inquiries to [email protected].