September is National Preparedness Month


September marks National Preparedness Month, and following the recent fire activity in Siskiyou, Shasta, and Trinity Counties, this year, despite its above-average wet season, proves the state is not immune from a fire season, serving a reminder that now is the time to be prepared.

This month, you can pay special attention to the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time and ready your home and family.

In 2021, FEMA’s Ready Campaign and the Ad Council broke ground by producing the first-ever national preparedness campaign that aims to put people first and reach communities where they are, especially in underserved and rural communities.

This year’s national public service announcements are being developed and released throughout the country to help get preparedness information into the hands of those in these targeted areas.

This year’s theme titled, Take Control in 1, 2, 3 will especially focus on preparing older adults for disasters, specifically older adults from communities that are disproportionally impacted by the all-hazard events.

Older adults can face greater risks when it comes to the multitude of extreme weather events and emergencies, especially if they are living alone, are low-income, have a disability, or live in rural areas.

Emergency managers and all those who work with and support older adult communities are urged to help this community access the new webpage at For additional information on preparing with disabilities, has a page tailored to those needs.