School Bus Routes Reduced at Janesville Elementary Due to Driver Shortage


The School bus driver shortage hits Janesville Elementary as the school is forced to reduce routes.

Due to a retirement, the elementary school, which contracts with Lassen Union High for bus service, has had to adapt to the sudden change and will head back to school from Thanksgiving break with one less route.

Superintendent and Principal Jamie Huber in an open letter to parents, said, “We have done our best to include as many of the stops from the second bus route as we can” She continued in the statement, “We know this is not an ideal situation and appreciate your flexibility as we work to find and train a new bus driver.”

A recent national survey of 359 district and charter network leaders showed that 57% of school districts had a considerable shortage of bus drivers this school year.

Huber said the high school is working a few candidates through the necessary training and remains hopeful in the next few months, the school can resume its second bus route.

Parents are being asked to view the updated bus stop schedule and to make arrangements for their children before the return to school from break on the 27th.


Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash