RSV & Flu on the Rise- Banner Health Restricts Visitor Access


With the flu and RSV cases on the rise, this winter season Banner Health is placing restrictions on visitors to its hospitals.

If you have a fever, cough, are vomiting, or having GI issues you will be limited access, all children over 2 will have to wear a mask during their entire visit, and siblings under 13 will not be allowed to accompany the family for visits, only siblings will be allowed to visit new babies after a health check in limited areas, and you are highly encouraged to wash and sanitize while visiting to reduce the spread of illnesses. The hospital infection prevention senior director says the measures have been put in place to prevent the spread of both flu and RSV within the hospitals. RSV has arrived earlier than normal and cases are rapidly increasing in addition to this year’s flu season being more severe than normal.

If you do plan to get a flu vaccine to help prevent severe symptoms it takes two full weeks to be effective, so plan early and ahead if you have travel plans or plan to be around large crowds for the holidays.