Road Construction Resumes After Holiday Hiatus


After a bit of relief from the traffic delays through Chester for the incoming 4th of July Parade and Firework Show attendees, Caltrans says work will resume Monday, July 8, at the A-13 SR 36 Safety Project.

If you are traveling through the area, you can once more expect significant delays from just east of Bailey Creek Bridge to just east of County Road A-13 in Plumas County.

Caltrans states that the safety project includes the construction of a traffic circle, or roundabout, which includes removing the existing asphalt, performing earthwork cuts, placing asphalt concrete structural sections in the circulatory roadway and approach legs, and adding concrete curbing for the roundabout and approach legs. In addition, the safety project will relocate one utility pole, add striping and new landscaping, add luminaries on the approach legs, and install new signage.

In addition to these delays, if you’re headed down SR32, you’ll also be in for more slowdowns starting Monday, July 8th.

Caltrans District 2 and Dig It Construction are preparing to begin work on the Deer Creek Overlay Project on State Route 32 in Tehama County. The nearly $2 million project will replace asphalt surfacing with areas of dugouts and provide a thin hot mix asphalt overlay on SR 32 approximately 33 miles east of Forest Ranch, from 0.5 miles west of Slate Creek Bridge to the junction with State Route 36. The project will also include shoulder backing, upgrading the guardrail to meet current standards, removing and replacing thermoplastic markings and striping, and pavement mill and fill at bridge approaches.

You will encounter one-way traffic control with up to 15-minute delays Monday through Friday during daytime hours. The project is currently anticipated to be completed by the end of August.

Visit Caltrans Quickmap for the latest updates on road conditions through these work zones.