Reno International Airport Offers Free Flights to Ease Holiday Traffic


Have family and friends to pick up at the airport for the holidays? The Reno International Airport is trying to ease congestion at the curb by offering free flights for those who use the Free Waiting Lot.

As construction at the airport continues and often leads to confusion from those dropping off and picking up passengers, airport authorities have devised the incentive to get people to take advantage of the free waiting lot to reduce the number of cars waiting at the curb.

The area mandated by the TSA is only for active loading and unloading; therefore, if you don’t see your loved one or friend, you are asked to move along. You can take another loop around or try your chance at winning a free flight.

You simply go to the free waiting lot and scan a QR code. If you win, you get a Southwest gift card. The airport has been encouraging those picking up passengers throughout the holiday season with the giveaway, which will end at the end of the month.


Photo by Phil Mosley on Unsplash