Plumas County Sheriff Addresses Growing Concerns Around SB 2 – CCW Permit Restrictions


Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns Tells the Board of Supervisors that there are growing concerns around SB 2 from the community. The new law that went into effect on January 1st places a special places restriction on CCW permit holders along with many other requirements aimed to providing more safety to obtaining a permit.

The status of SB2 remains volatile as it has been thrown back and forth in multiple appeal processes where it currently sits awaiting a new appeal by the state after a stay was placed on the special locations provision of the law was just recently placed by federal courts.

Johns shared concerns over how there are new requirements on who can teach the CCW course, yet there are no firm rules accommodating those changes.

Johns reassured the county that the Sheriff’s office would do the best they could to help the community negotiate the process and keep all informed to stay in compliance with the new law.