Plumas County Cooling Zones


“Cooling Zones” Press Release
July 8, 2021
Due to an Excessive Heat Warning in effect from noon on Saturday (7/10) to 9PM on Monday (7/12)
the county will be opening a “Cooling Zone” in each of the four major communities; Chester,
Greenville, Quincy and Portola.
Residents and visitors who may lack shelter or adequate home cooling systems may stop in and
use these facilities. Water will be provided; however, there will not be any food items.
“Cooling Zones” will be operating from 12pm -7pm this Saturday and Sunday with a possibility of
Monday as needed.
The facility cannot accommodate pets. There will not be first aid station set up in the “Cooling
Zones” and if you need medical attention, please visit an Emergency Department or call 911.
“Cooling Zone” Locations:
Chester- Memorial Hall (225 Gay St, Chester)
Greenville- Town Hall (Bidwell Street, Greenville)
Quincy- Vets Hall (274 Lawrence Street, Quincy)
Portola- Vets Hall (449 West Sierra Ave, Portola)
Transportation: If you have a need for transportation to a “Cooling Zone” please call 530-283-6300.
We hope everyone remains safe, healthy and cool during this time and if you believe you are starting to
suffer from a heat related illness or any other medical emergency, please call 911.