Plumas County at Visit California Media Reception


The Feather River Tourism Association continues to promote and build visibility for Plumas County by participating in Visit California Media Reception in San Francisco this month attended by 39 other counties and over 75 travel related media outlets, freelancers and influencers.

“This is the first year Plumas County has attended. For the past two years, particularly since the Dixie Fire, the board has been aggressive in implementing a very strategic advertising and public relations campaign and felt now, with the momentum we have created, it was time for us to take the next step to maximize the investment, time and effort into the campaigns,” says Sharon Roberts, owner of St. Bernard Lodge and marketing committee chair.

Press kits, postcards representing Plumas Counties four seasons and Plumas Knots, donated by Carey Candy Company, were given to the media who were both impressed with what the county has to offer travelers as well as the delicious candy. The most asked question was, “Where is Plumas County?” and though this may seem disheartening, after the pitch from FRTA representative, the response was, “I never knew. This is great and gives me something new to write about.” Second most frequent response? “There is actually a place that still has wide open spaces, no traffic and you can see the stars?”

The marketing team has spent much time developing what makes Plumas County unique and a must to visit. “There are other mountain areas that offer lakes and rivers but we are different one being we do have expanses where you will never see another fisherman, hiker or biker,” explain Sharon. She also adds that another “fun fact” is we have limited traffic signals, nothing such as a traffic jam, quirky shops and no one is a stranger. These were all welcoming news to the writers.

The goal is to garner some stories and even better get some of the media reps to visit so they can experience the uniqueness, recreation and quirky vibe of the county. FRTA is confident that with the range of representatives from the media – seniors to the adventurous to family travel – that Plumas County has something for everyone. The marketing committee feels that by Plumas County being at the event it will heighten the visibility of Plumas County and put us on the map as a wonderful destination “far from the maddening crowd.”

This information was submitted by Katherine Sansone, special to Sierra Daily News