Plumas Begins Snow Clearing on Three County Roads


Plumas County will start snow removal to open three roadways: La Porte Road, Buck Lake Road, and Gold Lake Road.

Due to the extreme weather this year, the roads have closed since November 9th and reached 93% of snowfall after March 15th leading to solid ice in the Gold Lake area. With Highway 70 remaining closed and Buck Lake Oro being the main tourist road. Plumas Public Works estimated for Buck Lake to take around five weeks of snow removal due to the extreme winter we received this year, leading to the need for heavier equipment existing of 2 dozers, two bigger snowplows, graders, and fuel haulers. La Porte Road will take less than two weeks to reach the lake and another three to four weeks to reach the Quincy area. Leading to ⅓ of the cost due to less equipment needed. Gold Lake Road is expected to take a two-week period of four miles to plow before reaching the Sierra County Line, which has reached up to ten feet of snow and ice on the Plumas side. The estimated cost is around 60-70,000 per week and is expected to run a full five-week term.

Plumas Public Works will start the road clearance County wide starting May 15th.


Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash