Plumas Bank’s Resilience Shines: Secure Drive-Up ATM Returns to Greenville, Paving the Way for Community Revival After Dixie Fire’s Impact


In a significant stride towards recovery, Plumas Bank proudly announces the return of a secure, state-of-the-art drive-up ATM to the resilient community of Greenville and Indian Valley, which had faced the ravaging impacts of the Dixie Fire.

This milestone marks a crucial step in the rebuilding process for the community. Plumas Bank’s decision to reinstate the ATM reflects the institution’s dedication to aiding the community’s revival and supporting the financial needs of its residents.

The drive-up ATM, boasting advanced security features, is equipped to provide a range of banking services. Aside from cash and check deposits, the ATM has the capability to process up to 30 checks at a time, facilitate account transfers, and provide bilingual support with English and Spanish language options. These features are designed to meet the community’s diverse needs and enhance the banking experience.

As Greenville moves forward on the path to recovery, the return of the Plumas Bank ATM stands as a tangible sign that the community is rebuilding stronger than ever.


Photo: Local Plumas Bank team members Ellie Hatch and Brandy Cedillos share their excitement for Greenville.