PG&E Achieves Historic Milestone: Undergrounding 197 Miles of Powerlines in 2023


In a groundbreaking achievement, PG&E completed constructing and energizing 197 miles of underground powerlines in 2023, marking the highest annual total in the company’s history. This significant milestone is part of PG&E’s 10,000-mile Undergrounding Program, launched in 2021 to prevent wildfires and enhance customer safety.

As of October 30, surpassing the 2022 and 2021 totals of 180 and 73 miles, respectively, PG&E is on track to reach its ambitious goal of 350 miles by the end of the year. The utility says, undergrounding substantially reduces wildfire ignition risk at a cost of $3.40 per month per customer over the next three years.

Peter Kenny, PG&E’s Senior Vice President of Major Infrastructure Delivery, emphasized the program’s success, stating, “Look at the results.” The utility aims to have over 600 miles of powerlines safely installed underground since 2021, demonstrating scalability at a lower cost year over year.

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