North Mesa Affordable Housing Project Creates Divide


The location of an affordable housing development in Susanville generates concern among the community. Homeowners living near the proposed project on North Mesa street and several realtors expressed opposition during standing-room-only meetings at both the county supervisor chambers and city hall last week. They feel that building low-income homes within a residential neighborhood, only 300 feet from an elementary school, would negatively affect the housing market, create a dangerous environment for school children, and detract from the community. However, supporters of the project believe affordable housing is necessary for those in the community who struggle to find suitable housing. Supervisor Gallagher of District 1 suggested that these could be county employees as some make less than the 20.67/hr threshold for income.

The county is in a pre-development contract with Danco, who presented to the city council and supervisors almost a year ago. Although the site has been surveyed, the supervisors have stated that further evaluation is required before making a final commitment to the North Mesa location. In 2018, a list of potential sites for the county’s housing element was created, with the North Mesa location ranking third. Two other areas within Susanville were considered, but purchase negotiations fell through. With the county housing and grants division, Grace Pool stated that the following steps include contacting developers, making site assessments, and completing zoning and environmental studies. Funding applications and community forums will also be organized to keep the public informed. Questions can be directed to the housing and grant division by calling 251-8336.


The Lassen supervisors will meet this morning for a business-as-usual meeting. The board will look to approve public works to purchase new mowers, and a UTV for grounds use; the DA is looking to fill a position for an executive assistant to replace the role of a program coordinator and approve health and social services agreement contracts. The supervisors meet at their chambers on Nevada street in Susanville, opening at 9 for public comment. The agenda can be found on the county’s website.