New Rail Trail Will Connect Chester, Westwood, and Susanville


The Lake Almanor Basin will soon be acquiring a new hiking trail. The Almanor Basin Trails Coalition completed a grant application for $2.6 million dollars. It will add the 12-mile former Almanor Railroad. The goal is to change the first 1.5 miles into a greenway trail. The new trail will also include restoring a 155 ft. long railroad bridge that goes over the North Fork of the Feather River. That section of the railway sits between central Chester and the trailhead for the Olsen Barn Meadow Preserve. The former Almanor Railroad runs between Chester and Clear Creek and with its completion will allows you access to many scenic views overlooking Lake Almanor, Bailey Creek and Rock Creek. Eventually the entire rail will be converted to a trail connecting the Westwood Bizz Johnson Trail to create a continuous 37.5 mile rail-trail. It would then link the three neighboring communities of Chester, Westwood and Susanville.