New Changes Coming to BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Incentive Program


New changes are on the way for the Bureau of Land Management wild horse and burro Adoption incentive program. This comes as a lawsuit against the Nevada BLM that was filed last Friday by wild horse activists who allege BLM has failed to conduct a Herd Management Area Plan, as required by law prior to the roundups. The new changes to the program will now require compliance inspections of animals adopted under the program to happen within 6 months. Title applications will also have to be signed by a vet of BLM officer to get the 1,000 dollar incentive payment. It will also cost you more as the minimum adoption fee of animals in the program will increase from 25 dollars to 125 dollars. Just last year the BLM rounded up and successfully adopted out nearly 9,000 horses with over half of those stemming from the adoption incentive program.