Modoc Forest Clean-Up: Removing Abandoned Vehicles with $10,000 Funding


Abandoned vehicles litter the national forest, but in Modoc, with the help of 10,000 dollars in funding, fs law enforcement is able to partner with local tow companies to rid the forest of the unsightly rubbage.

The funding was provided by the Modoc County Resource Advisory Committee in 2022, dedicated to the Abandoned Vehicle Removal Project.

To date, the Forest Service announced A deserted vehicle was removed from Cedar Pass Campground this spring, and an old station wagon was recently removed from the Mt Dome area. A total of Six abandoned vehicles and an old camper were also removed from the Forest last year.

This project aims to restore and improve the overall health of the land by eliminating unsightly trash to enhance the visitor experience.
The forest officials say you can help in these efforts. If you happen to come across an abandoned vehicle, you can send a message providing the location and description of the vehicle to the Modoc National Forest Service.


Photo: Modoc NF