Loyalton Water Woes Put to Rest with Federal Funding


The congressman secured the funding for local water projects across CA’s District 3, which includes the city of Loyalton, where he has visited several times over the last few months to address the town’s aging water infrastructure.

Over the past year, Loyalton officials have grappled with a system that has experienced significant leaks, resulting in extensive repairs. With little to no funding, the situation became dire, with town halls explicitly held to explore opportunities to locate a source of funds for the millions in repairs needed.

Under the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill passed by the House, the city of Loyalton will receive 2 million of the seven and a quarter of a million allocated to replace the deteriorating main water line.

Rep. Kiley emphasized the urgency in the passage of the appropriations bill to ensure Loyalton and the Eastern Sierras are afforded a “reliable water supply,” which will provide safe drinking water and bolster the region’s fire-fighting capabilities.