Local Emergency Responders Hold Training Exercise at Lassen High


There is a heavy presence of law enforcement at Lassen High today. Do not be alarmed. Multiple agencies are coming together to train on multi-agency collaboration in the event of an emergency.

Officers with the CHP, Susanville Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, CDFW, and local fire agencies gathered this morning to begin exercises at 7 am. Blank rounds may be fired during the exercises, however, you should not hear any shots being fired. Actors will also be present to act as victims, you may see medical response teams practicing caring for thier injuries.

The entire campus is closed for the training. This is expected to be an all-day event.

These Joint law enforcement emergency trainings are done regularly in the county, the last being made seven years ago and often are held at the fairgrounds or high school campus. More are in the works to be held at various other campuses and centers in the coming year.