LMUD Moves Forward with Hayden Hill Line Removal


Nearly a third complete, Lassen M U D makes progress in removing the controversial Hayden Hill Line.

The transmission line extends from where Susanville Road intersects State Highway 139, 6 miles south of Adin, and continues south along State Highway 139 to the Hayden Hill Mine site, 12 miles south of Adin.

The utility purchased the line under scrutiny in 2006 with the intent to salvage it, yet the idea was abandoned in 2022 when former GM Pat Holley announced the project would not be viable.

Work began to remove the line in the fall of last year. Now, over a year later, Electric Operations Manager Cortez shares four and a half miles of the 13.5-mile transmission line from the Gold Mine towards the highway, except the utility poles.

A contract was awarded at the LMUD board’s last meeting for over $35,000 to a third party to dispose of them in a certified state landfill properly.

Another 1.5 miles remain to reach the highway, where Cortez says they will no longer be able to use in-house labor to remove the line and will have to contract out the work along Highway 139.