LMUD Bolsters Shaffer Mtn. Communication Site


Lassen Municipal Utility District (LMUD) completes the Shaffer Mountain Line Upgrade. The endeavor involved replacing and enhancing the distribution line that supplies communication facilities situated on Shaffer Mountain.

The repeater site is a vital communication hub for various local agencies, including the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Honey Lake Community TV Corp., and multiple cell phone providers. It is pivotal in ensuring uninterrupted and reliable communication services throughout the County.

LMUD faced challenges as the last mile was in rocky terrain. Yet, crews overcame these obstacles by removing a significant portion of the existing overhead line and replacing them with new underground facilities. LMUD says this was a strategic move to ensure enhanced protection against extreme weather conditions and minimized the risk of power outages that could disrupt emergency communications.

LMUD adds that the project is part of the district’s five-year strategic plan demonstrating a commitment to the key strategic priority of grid resiliency.

The total cost to replace the line amounted to $290,000.