LMUD Alerts Customers of Billing Error


Billing errors on Lassen MUD bills may have some scratching their heads.

The utility issued a statement that as a result of a software programming error, some customers may have received bills with incorrect information.

Your Sept. 25th invoice may show an erroneous disconnect notice and an incorrect past-due amount. The payment stub and the back page of the bill were affected by the printing error,
Yet Lassen MUD says you can find the correct information listed on the top half of the front page of the bill. This error only affected the printing of the bills and will not impact your payment history with LMUD or overall credit with national credit reporting bureaus.

Please be aware that if your account is past due, this error does not extend disconnection or payments due.

You can contact the LMUD office at 530-257-4174 with any questions or concerns you may have, or to update your account information.

Theresa Phillips, Public Relations Manager for LMUD extends apologies for any inconvenience the error may have caused, and that staff is working with the software provider to correct the issue as quickly as possible.