Lighting causes fires

06-23-2021 June Lighting
Susanville area received lighting at approx. 1700 Hours on June 23, 2021 resulting in multiple lighting fires in the area. CAL FIRE resources are currently working on 10 confirmed fires on State Protection area. The largest fire Incident 1-4 near Devil’s Corral, being15 acres.
Lassen Modoc Unit has 14 engines, 3 dozers, 2 helicopters, and has brought in additional out of unit resources consisting of 2 strike teams of engines, 3 strike teams of crews and 2 strike teams of dozers. We are anticipating additional hold over lighting fires as it continues to dry out after yesterday’s rain.
8 of the fires are in the surrounding Susanville Area and 1 is North West of Eagle Lake near the Coyote reservoir. Fire 2-1 is in the Fox mountain area south west of Eagle Lake.
-A strike team of engines is a leader plus 5 engines.
-A strike team of crews is a leader plus 2 crews.
-A strike team of dozers is a leader plus 2 dozers.