LHS Staff to Undergo Training in Race and Ethnicity Discrimination

Lassen Union High School must undergo corrective training following the California Department of Education decision.

In February, an incident in the high school parking lot involving airsoft guns resulted in three students of color being disciplined while two white students received lesser penalties. The concern for discrimination was brought to the High school’s March board meeting, where Christi Choo, a Native American resident of Susanville and retiree from the Lassen County Office of Education, said the district superintendent and dean of students supported the suspension of three minority students and issued a warning to two Caucasian students for the same violation and allowed one of these students to play in a section championship game.

By March 14th, a formal complaint was filed by one of the parents. The board conducted an investigation to which an appeal to the department of education was made on that decision in July. As a result, the CDE concluded on September 20th that “The three students ultimately suspended were students of color while the two students not suspended were white,” determining that it is “discrimination based on race or ethnicity,” according to the California Education Code. Consequently, the Dept of Ed has directed all school staff to undergo training  in “Students’ right to be free from discrimination based on race or ethnicity.” Principal Superintendant Morgan Nugent responded that training has been scheduled for January, and the district is trying to diversify its board and introduce more cultural activities at the school.


Story first broke in Lassen Times