Lassen Volcanic National Park Updates Park Conditions: Sparse Snowfall, Wintery Conditions


Unlike last year, little snow covers the ground at the Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Park officials gave an update on park conditions, saying there has been a light dusting, just giving the hint of winter at the northwest park entrance, suitable for for a round of snowball fights, but little else.

However, at the southwest entrance, you may get to enjoy the snow experience at the park. Park rangers say 4 inches of new snow has been added with the latest storms and will require you to have snowshoe equipment to explore beyond the parking area.

If planning a visit you are encouraged to use caution driving on the high-elevation roads, the highways through the park are cleared but may have sections of accumulated ice and slushy snow.

You can check the Volcanic Park’s official website for the latest park conditions.

Photo courtesy Lassen Volcanic National Park: A snowy ground and snow-covered trees outside the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center