Lassen Volcanic National Park Receives Grant from National Park Foundation Bolstering Youth Camping Program


The grant, part of the ParkVentures program, will aid the Lassen Park Foundation in supporting non-profit youth groups, specifically those serving at-risk or underserved children, by offering scholarships to cover camping costs.

The Volcano Adventure Camp, established in 2016 within the park, facilitates outdoor experiences for youth groups, introducing them to the park’s natural and cultural history through educational excursions and ranger-led activities.

Park Officials say despite challenges posed by COVID-19 and increased living costs in the area, the program remains resilient. With the help of the grant, it aims to rebound from a recent decline in enrollment.

Priority will be given to organizations serving underserved or at-risk youth, who may use the funds for camping essentials and logistical support.

Since its inception, the foundation’s youth camping program has supported over 4,000 grant recipients.

For more information about the program, reservations, and grants, visit the Lassen Park Foundation’s website.