Lassen Supervisors Address Behavioral Health and Transparency in Upcoming Meeting Agenda


In today’s upcoming board meeting, the Lassen County Supervisors are set to tackle several issues ranging from behavioral health to regional planning. Here’s a look at the key agenda items:

Behavioral Health Amendment seeks to make an agreement with A & A Health Services, LLC, totaling $200,000 for a two-year period, to enhance residential care facilities.

The supervisors will also hear an update on the Community Social Services Cal-SIP (CalWORKs System Improvement Plan) Report. This report outlines improvements and strategies to enhance social services within the community. If approved, it will be submitted to the state.

Another crucial topic before the supervisors is transparency. The board will get a presentation on streaming public meetings; an initiative brought forth because the service is not currently offered to the community through the county and as the supervisors look to move into their newly renovated chambers in the historic courthouse.

Lastly, the supervisors will address proposals received for the Regional Area Plan Update. The plan focuses on areas such as the Susanville Vicinity, Johnstonville, Richmond/Gold Run, and other communities not currently covered by an Area Plan, including Lake Forest. If the board chooses to proceed, the cost would range from $488,770 to $1,250,000 over two fiscal years (2024/2025 and 2025/2026). The board will receive the proposals and provide direction to staff on how to proceed.

The board meets at 9 am in their chambers on Nevada Street in Susanville.