Lassen NF Proposes Fee Increases to Campgrounds


Campsites in the Lassen National Forest may be costing you more. The forests service is proposing fees at previously free campsites and increasing fees at others.
Over 70% of day-use sites, overnight camping sites, and other recreation sites are managed without user fees currently on the forest.

The proposed changes would bring a charge of 12 dollars a night, once free at Butte, Goumaz, Roxie Penconom, Black Rock and Echo lake campsites, where Bogard would jump to 18 dollars a night. All other recreational sites throughout the Ranger Districts would also increase by an average of 4 dollars.

The Lassen National Forest is also considering several changes to their Christmas tree permit program. They are proposing an increase from $10 to $20 per tree permit. The trees would also be limited in size, falling under 20 feet and less than 8 inches in diameter at the base.

The revenue from these permits and other recreation fees is used to support the operation, maintenance, and improvement of forest facilities. The Forest Service follows guidelines from the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA), which allows them to propose and approve new fees or fee changes with input from a Resource Advisory Committee representing various recreation interest groups.

You will have th opportunity to provide comments on the proposed fee changes by November 1st. Comments can be submitted via mail, email, or an online platform. Oral comments can be given in person or over the phone during business hours.

Once public input is gathered, the next steps include reviewing the fee changes by a Recreation Resource Advisory Committee. Thier recommendation will then be sent to the Regional Forester for a final decision.

For more details, visit the Lassen National Forest’s website.