Lassen MUD Board Meeting Updates


Lassen MUD board considers a Temporary Compensation Package for the acting joint General Managers and approves a significant rate adjustment for excess Net Energy.

During Tuesday’s board of Directors meeting, a discussion was held about providing additional compensation to Operations Manager Cortez and Business Manager Nick Dominguez. Yet the pair, who have been sharing the responsibilities of the GM’s duties, turned the offer down, acknowledging the board’s appreciation but expressing concerns about the current economic situation of LMUD.

Instead of financial compensation, Dominguez suggested that the board consider granting them additional vacation time in recognition of their extra efforts. After some deliberation, Vice President Bud Bowden proposed and passed a unanimous motion to grant both Cortez and Dominguez an additional four weeks of time off after selecting a new GM.
During the board’s meeting, the directors also gave the green light to a significant jump in the Net Energy Excess Rate.

This rate adjustment will impact about 100 LMUD customers who export excess energy to the grid. Previously, these customers received a credit of 5.5 cents per exported kilowatt-hour. However, with the board’s approval, this credit is set to nearly double, increasing by 4.5 cents, resulting in a new credit rate of 10 cents per exported kilowatt-hour.

The board has committed to reviewing this rate annually, with the first evaluation scheduled for May 2024.

The board will meet later next month in special sessions to continue discussions on the search for a new General Manager.